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IRS Audit Defense

What is an Audit?

The IRS or state taxation authority can at any time request to review your tax returns to determine if your deductions, expenses, and income were stated correctly. The process can be lengthy, expensive, and result in you owing additional taxes. The IRS will make adjustments to your returns if they were done incorrectly, adding unreported income, removing unproven expenses, and assessing you with the additional liability, plus penalties and interest.

How Does the Audit Process work?

The IRS and state taxation departments select taxpayers for audit at random, and only about 1 in 80 people get selected for an audit. Once the IRS has chosen to audit you, or your business they will send you a Notice of Audit and a list of documents to provide to them, usually within 30 days. The IRS wins almost 80% of audits, because taxpayers fail to provide the required documents to prove the IRS wrong.

Types of IRS Audits

Correspondence Audit
The most common of all IRS audits, is conducted and notified to you through the mail. The IRS will require you to send documents via certified mail, such as real estate, investment, and other deductions.
Office Audit
The IRS will contact you to set up a meeting at a certain time, and the documents you need to have prepared when they come. The auditor will focus mainly on big ticket items on your tax return, but may also ask you questions about other items on your returns. If you do not have the required documents on the first visit, or the auditor requires additional documents or review, they may set up a second meeting. It is a good idea to consult with a tax attorney, or CPA who can help prepare you for your audit, and how to answer any questions that may be asked.
Field or Home Audit
In severe cases, the IRS will notify you that they are going to come to your home, or place of business for an audit. Most often this is for people with high income. To protect yourself from an audit it is recommended that you hire a tax professional to help you with the audit.

Audit Defense and Representation

Benefits include;
  1. Personal and business tax return defense and appeals
  2. Schedule Audit Appointments
  3. Handle all communications for your audit, including phone calls, mail, and emails.
  4. Review and prepare the necessary documents for your audit
  5. Prepare audit appeal requests
  6. Lower the damage that an audit can have on your finances and life

Protect Yourself From The IRS - Free Tax Audit Review

Tax works with tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, former IRS agents, and tax relief specialists who can assist you with your audit. A tax professional will have experience dealing with the IRS, and protect you from the auditors whose sole job is to collect from you. An IRS audit can be very expensive and time consuming, taking you away from your work, and family. Having a professional who is knowledgeable with IRS collections and appeals procedure can save you time, headache and most importantly money when dealing with the IRS. A tax professional can help prepare you for your audit, and guide you through the process. To discuss your audit with a tax specialist, contact us online, or call us at 888-241-0002.
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