Find The Best IRS Payment Plan for You!

Tax problems are very good at getting anyone entirely stressed out and disrupt their entire life.



We understand what financial difficulties can do to your well-being and have created the best tax attorney network in the nation. Most of our agents are ex-IRS agents themselves, and know the ins and outs of the complicated business. Our main goal at is making sure that you get the peace of mind that you deserve. Your hard earned money is just that, YOUR money and we will work hard to keep it that way.



When you have an outstanding IRS debt, the IRS will be in your favor to make a deal that will work with you. They will propose an IRS Payment Plan which consists of any number of different Installment Agreement options that include the following:



Guaranteed Installment Agreement: this basic agreement is usually for those who owe the government less than $10,000.


Streamlined Installment Agreement: meant for taxpayers who owe $25,000 or less in backed taxes and do not wish to disclose their financial statues


Standard Installment Agreement: designed for people who owe the IRS more than $25,000 in delinquent taxes and cannot afford the minimum payments on a Streamline Agreement. From there you would need to fill out an IRS Form 433-F to find out what you are able to pay. Which we can provide for you of course.


Partial Payment Installment Agreement: For those who cannot afford to payoff their entire debt, or the statue of limitations is coming up before the debt as a whole will be met.



Our seasoned tax attorneys will help you find a payment plan that suits you the best. We are not scared away by large numbers or complicated situations. We are ready to help you get your financial life together so your can do the things that really matter.

Happy New Year from Tax Attorney!

We were lucky enough to have had a fantastic 2012. We started a new site, began to offer our customers more extensive services and solved countless people’s worst tax problems.


What better ways is there to bring in 2013 than with a clean financial slate.


When your livelihood is put up against a wall and you are forced to take money out of your paycheck, everything can seem to fall apart. We understand what you are going through and want to give you a 2013 with the piece of mind that your current wage garnishment would be resolved.


We are experts at getting you all of the hard-earned money you deserve.


An IRS wage garnishment is a deduction from your paycheck made by the IRS in order to satisfy a tax debt. This deduction will continue until your entire tax debt is payed or until a deal is reached. Ignoring the IRS will make it worse. Preventing a garnishment is a much easier process than trying to remove an in-place garnishment.


Going through this process alone can terrible, but we are here to do the hard work for you and talk you through every step of the process.


Before the garnishment starts, the IRS is required to send you notices. One when the garnishment is pending an 30 days before the garnishment commences. This will only happen if you have ignored your taxes.


You will then be asked to get all of your filings up to date and you may be required to make an appeal.


This lengthy process is not impossible. Our highly trained, ex-IRS agent, professionals will be working for you and with you the whole time. We make it a point to ensure that you are entirely taken care of and all of your questions are answered.


Let us start your New Year off with a whole new quality of stress-free life.


Start now!