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This is your source for tax information and discussion, as well as industry chatter and current events. We pride ourselves on providing you with the most accurate and helpful information for your financial future. Dealing with tax problems is stressful and time consuming. Our website (and soon this blog also) is filled with comprehensive guides of our services and how we can resolve your tax issues.


Our trained professionals have been working in the industry for years, most of whom are ex-IRS agents themselves, and are standing by to answer your toughest tax questions. These professionals are constantly finding new and better ways to relive every tax related problem. Our current list of services includes:

Wage Garnishment
Tax Audits
Backed Taxes
Tax Help
IRS Attorney
Payroll Tax
Offer in Compromise
Innocent Spouse Relief
IRS Payment Plan
Tax Attorney
Tax Lawyer
Penalty Abatement 
State Tax Help


We have seen it all and have resolved countless cases that have given people their life back. We make sure that our clients leave happy and in a better financial state than they were before.


Throughout your specific process, we will guide you and help you easily understand the unnecessarily complicated federal and state procedures. We will lay out exactly what needs to be done and how we will do it. Our experts will create personalized solutions for your specific case.


Right now, we are offering a free tax consultation. With a few simple questions, an expert will immediately contact you and your road to recovery can begin. And as a holiday special, we are also giving you $150 off Tax Help! Don’t let backed taxes and wage garnishment ruin your holiday season, let us do the work for you. Get help today!


We are thrilled to help your New Year’s start off right.


Happy Holidays!



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