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Answers to Common Tax Questions

What is Tax Relief?

The IRS and States have legal methods of reducing and paying off tax debt. These programs exist to assist taxpayers who would otherwise be unable to pay off their debts. There are many tax relief programs; qualifying and choosing the best option for you is something a tax professional can help you with.

Do I Qualify?

All taxpayers qualify for some type of tax relief. The IRS has many different programs that are designed for different taxpayers, and their specific tax issues. Tax TAXATTORNEY.COM’S professional tax expert’s help you find the best possible option for what you qualify for.
How Long Does The Process Take?
The process can take between 30 days, to as long as 6 to 8 months. The IRS is in no rush often to respond, and unfortunately you need them to approve any tax relief programs. Tax TAXATTORNEY.COM’S tax relief specialist’s however work diligently, and will immediately start protecting you from the IRS, as well as aggressively qualify and pursue settlement options for you. Our experienced tax professionals have the experience and knowledge of the IRS collection and appeal departments to resolve your taxes in the quickest manner possible.
How Much Will I Save?
There is no set amount to what you will save. Every case is unique and presents its own set of financials to assess. The IRS and state tax relief programs range from payment plans, to settlement programs which can remove or greatly reduce your tax liability. Tax TAXATTORNEY.COM’S expert tax professionals have handled thousands of case, and can help you find the best tax relief option for you, that will maximize your savings, and be approved by the IRS or State.
Will an IRS Settlement Hurt My Credit Score?
There is no negative affect from settling with the IRS. Resolving your tax liability will result in your tax lien being removed from your credit, which can drastically improve your credit score, and allow you more options when it comes to getting lower interest rates, and higher lines of personal credit.
How Much Can the IRS Take From My Paycheck?
The IRS and States only have to leave you a certain amount for you to live on. These expense figures vary for every county, and most of the time they are considerably lower than you are paying in reality. Whether you make $1,200 a month or $15,000 a month, the IRS can take everything that is considered “Disposable Income” after your allowable expenses, based off of IRS standards.
Can I Settle my Taxes if the IRS has a Lien on my Property?
Yes you can. The IRS will not remove your tax lien in almost all cases until you have resolved your tax matter in full. The IRS keeps the lien in place to ensure that they are paid first in the event that you sell or transfer property.
What Legal Collection Power does the IRS and State have over me?
The IRS and State collection authorities have the power to take enforced collection action against you. This includes wage garnishments, bank levies, penalties, interest, liens, property seizure, and even criminal action against you. It is important that you do not ignore the notices and warnings, and take proper action to respond and resolve your tax debt.
What are My Legal Rights as a Taxpayer?
You as a taxpayer have legal rights and options. Make sure you are aware of this, and use them to your advantage in resolving your tax liability. Do not let the IRS intimidate or bully you. To learn more about these options in detail click here.
Can the IRS Close My Business if I Do Not Pay Taxes?
Yes, the IRS has the power to empty your business’s bank accounts, receivables, materials, equipment, and apply penalties and interest as well as close your business. The IRS can also fine you with a trust fund penalty of up to 25% of your total debt for failing to file and pay your quarterly taxes. There are ways of reducing and protecting yourself from the IRS, to learn more speak with a Tax tax expert today.
Can I Prevent an Audit?
There is no way to prevent an audit, all you can do is accurately file and prepare your taxes. Audits are done at random, and as long as your taxes are in order, and your financial documents are available to back up your returns, you should have nothing to fear. If you are concerned about an audit, having a tax professional to help you navigate through the Audit, can help save you time, money, and stress. A tax professional will help prepare you for an audit, as well as resolve any liabilities it may cause.
How Do I Prepare for a Tax Audit?
The IRs will want you to have your tax returns, as well as expense and income documents as evidence for anything you claimed on your tax returns. The list of documents and forms the IRS requires can be lengthy and complex, and can be confusing. Having a tax professional assist you on an audit will save your time, money, and stress, allowing you to concentrate on your work, and gathering documents, while the tax professional takes care of forms, scheduling, and communications with your revenue officer.
What Do I do if I cannot find my Tax Documents?
The IRS retains records of all tax documents, and you can request them from the IRS, or a tax professional who you give Power of Attorney to, can do this for you as well. You can also often request past w-2, 1099’s and other tax documents from your current or former employee’s payroll department.
Can I Settle My Taxes if I have Un-Filed Tax Returns?
You cannot start any IRS or State resolution relief or settlement programs if you have unfiled tax returns. It is also illegal to not file your taxes, and will only cost you extra money in penalties and interest. The IRS can also levy your paychecks and bank accounts, and you can do nothing to stop them until you are filed up to date. To resolve this, make sure to file your tax returns, or have a professional tax preparer file them for you. Tax can refer you to a tax professional, who can assist you with filing your taxes, as well as resolving any liability that you may incur.
Will the IRS continue to Enforce Collection Action Once I have Representation?
Tax TAXATTORNEY.COM’S professional tax specialists will work diligently to protect and release you from any negative collection action directed to you. There is no way to guarantee that everything will be stopped, however most of the time, our tax experts are able to keep you out of harm’s way. To ensure that your tax professional can do their job, make sure and get them the paperwork they request in a timely manner, this information is required in order for them to do their job.
Why Choose a Tax Relief Expert?
Tax TAXATTORNEY.COM’S tax relief experts consist of tax attorney’s, enrolled agents, former IRS agents, CPA’s and other experienced tax specialist who have years of experience dealing with the IRS and states. Our tax experts have proven and successful track records, high BBB ratings, and thousands of satisfied clients who have been helped. To learn more about or tax relief experts and how they can help you, click here. (expert representation link)
How Do I Get Started?
To get started, contact us online, or call 888-241-0002 to speak with a tax resolution specialist about your case, and find out what you may qualify to save on your tax liability.
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