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Owing back taxes to the IRS can be stressful and hard to deal with. Just getting a hold of someone at the IRS who can guide you in the right direction, or answer your question can take hours, and often just end in a disconnected line, or an unhelpful and unknowledgeable customer service agent. An IRS tax lawyer is specially trained to help taxpayers resolve their tax problem in an affordable manner, and often is able to use legal methods to save you money on your taxes.

Do I Need an IRS Lawyer?

IRS lawyers help taxpayers resolve both small and large tax problems. Even if you do not think you need representation, it is a good idea to speak with an IRS lawyer to better understand the next steps needed in resolving your tax problem. Every tax problem comes with its own set of hidden surprises, challenges, and curveballs which an IRS lawyer can help you navigate and protect you from. An IRS lawyer deals with personal and business tax problems on a daily basis, which gives you the same knowledge and advantage the IRS has.

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IRS Lawyer – The Best Tax Help

IRS lawyers can help you resolve all types of tax problems for your personal and business tax debts. IRS lawyers have the experience dealing with the IRS appeals and collection departments to successfully resolve your back taxes. Below are some of the tax resolution services which an IRS tax lawyer can help you with:

• Offer in Compromise;
• Levy and garnishment release;
• File back taxes;
• Hardship programs including Currently Non-Collectible (CNC);
• Installment Agreements;
• Penalty abatements;
• IRS appeals;
• IRS Audits;
• Business and payroll tax representation;
• Sales tax resolution;
• Trust fund recovery penalty help and much more.

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Take the first steps towards financial freedom, and removing the pressure of your tax debt by speaking with a tax professional. works together with IRS tax lawyers, CPA’s, enrolled agents and understanding tax consultants who can assist you in understanding, selecting, and resolving your tax problem using proven legal methods.

Start Today – With a Free Tax Consultation works together with IRS lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and other tax help personal to assist you with resolving your personal and business tax problems. Take advantage of a free tax consultation to learn your legal rights and options for resolving and possibly settling your unpaid taxes. Call us today at 888-241-0002 or fill out our quick online form. Our staff is available 24/7 to help you find peace of mind.
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