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Qualified IRS Tax Attorneys understands the difficulties owed taxes present, requiring professional help. Too often this runs up large bills but without experienced legal guidance the tax debts can overwhelm, confuse, and intimidate anyone. offers a free tax consultation designed to determine what is needed next. Qualified tax lawyers, former, experienced IRS agents, Certified Public Accountants, and enrolled agents from the team, bringing closure and relief from your back taxes.

What are my Legal Rights as a Taxpayer?’s tax attorneys will fight to defend you from the IRS, and to resolve/settle your back taxes in a cost effective manner. Stop growing your IRS problems due to interest and penalties. Prevent having the IRS get access to your earnings and assets. Relinquish dealing with collection agencies and scary calls. Utilize to gain control of your life and learn about your rights. Speak to our professional lawyers, experts, and begin NOW to terminate your federal tax issues.

Experienced Tax Defense for Individual Rights hires certified lawyers with the ability and knowledge to deal with IRS tax collections and appeals systems, helping resolution for your tax concerns. lawyers will fight to decide the fastest, most reasonable steps for your resolution and defend your case until the case is cleared and over. Their job is to free you and your family from living burdened by owed taxes. Join the ranks of debt free citizens NOW by contacting for your FREE consultation today.

Tax Relief Programs Offered by IRS

Utilize’s enrolled agents, Certified Public Accountants, (CPA’s), and IRS trained tax lawyers to resolve your tax concerns, file returns if needed, amend with changes, and offer you financially feasible and low cost solutions. Tax experts from become your official spokesperson, handling all communication with the IRS, settling, completing, and negotiating the best resolution for your individual case.

IRS Tax Help Services licensed tax attorneys help with:
• Choosing a Federal tax settlement program such as Offer in Compromise
• Greatly reduce massive penalties and interest
• Remove tax garnishments and levy’s
• Handles all IRS communications
• Handle IRS auditors, collection agents, and officers
• Working out affordable plans to pay back taxes
• All aspects of business tax problems- income, sales and more

Hire a Tax Professional Today – Gain Peace of Mind

Hire the tax professionals at for resolving and handling all aspects of your tax issues. Free yourself and your family from the stress and headaches. Hire our experienced lawyers and experts and let these professionals resolve the IRS problems surrounding you, leaving you free to spend time on your family, business, and create a great future.

Start Today - With a Free Tax Consultation

Call for a free overview of your case and options available for your unique situation. The expert team will examine your tax problems and clear up any questions you may have. Understanding your rights and the low cost choices available can make an easy path to owed tax freedom. Contact at 888-241-0002 or complete the short online form. Speak to our qualified consultants about your issues, they are available 24/7.
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