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IRS Tax Audit Defense – The Basics

When you receive an audit notice from the IRS, it means they want to examine your personal, business or sales tax returns, for proper deductions, expenses, tax credits and the documentation to ensure they were filed them correctly. IRS tax audits are time consuming, scary, and often will result in a larger tax debt if you are unable to, or do not know how to answer their demands. IRS auditors are trained to expand your tax audit to additional years, and drill you for information you do not need to provide.

Save Time and Money – Get Expert IRS Tax Audit Help works together with tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other IRS tax audit defense experts who will help you through your audit, giving you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night. Our IRS audit experts will review your audit with you, explain to you the process, and take over all communication with your auditor or revenue officer within 24 hours, allowing you to go back to your family, job and life. With years of experience defending, fighting, and resolving tax audits, our experts are your best line of defense for surviving an IRS tax audit.

360 IRS and State Tax Audit Representation understands how frustrating and confusing a tax audit can be for you, your family, and your business. The time, energy, and money spent fighting a tax audit on your own can simply be overwhelming, and exhausting. This is why our 360 IRS Tax Audit Representation program is customized to help you get through your IRS audit from A to Z. We will customize a personal audit defense program for your specific situation to minimize your tax liability. Our experts will help you regain control of your business, taxes, time and money, while giving you the absolute best representation available. We not only will help you get through your tax audit, but we will also help you resolve, settle, and negotiate your tax liability.

Audit Defense and Representation

360 IRS Tax Audit Representation;
• Manage all scheduling, meetings and extensions for your audit ,
• Take over all communication within 24 hours between you and your revenue officer, auditor, or the irs for your audit,
• Virtual and in-person options for attending your audit meetings, as well as alternative support strategies,
• Examine, review, strategize, prepare and organize all documents, forms, and financials needed for your audit,
• Customized audit defense strategy based on a thorough investigation of your tax problem, audit demands, and financial goals to help you survive your audit,
•Help you keep your business open, even during a sales tax audit,
• If required, handle all appeals, motions, and negotiations after your audit,
• Help resolve, negotiate, and settle any remaining tax debt after your audit is finished.

If you have received an IRS tax audit notice, Contact a tax professional right away. Failure to contact a tax professional can cost you time, money, close your business, and may even result in criminal charges by the IRS.

Free Tax Audit Review and Quote – Peace of Mind With One Simple Call

Contact right now for a free review of your audit with a tax consultant. Tax audit representatives are here to help you understand your legal rights and options for surviving your tax audit. Gain peace of mind, and stop worrying about your tax audit. Call us now at or call us at 888-241-0002 for a free tax consultation, or contact us online for a confidential, free, no obligation audit review and personalized quote.
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