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Wage Garnishment
The IRS has the ability to withdraw directly from your paycheck to satisfy a tax debt. The IRS will not stop until you have worked out a payment arrangement, or paid the debt in full. TO find out more about wage garnishments and what you can do to stop them, click here.
Tax Lien
The IRS and state taxation agencies will place a lien on your property (home, car, boat etc) as well as your credit if you owe back taxes. To learn more about tax liens, and what you can do to remove them, click here.
Bank Levy / seizure
Has the IRS or state notified you of a bank levy, or already seized funds from you? This is a very serious matter, and if you do not action within a certain period of time, the money will be gone forever. To learn more about bank levies and seizures, and how you can protect or release your funds, click here.
Unfiled Tax Returns
If you have unfiled tax returns, you are breaking the law. The IRS will continue to add penalties and interest for not filing, and pursue other enforced collection action against you. To get help in filing your personal and business tax returns, as well as tracking down income such as 1099’s, w-2’s click here.
IRS Audit
If you received an audit notice in the mail for your personal or business tax returns, this means the IRS is going to be doing a review of your tax returns with a fine toothcomb, looking for errors, and wanting you to prove every item on your returns. To learn more about IRS audits, and what you can do to prepare and defend yourself, click here.
Unpaid Taxes
Owing back taxes to the IRS or state can quickly become a giant burden on your finances, and life. The IRS and state collection agencies will continue to harass and take negative collection actions against you until you resolve the matter. To learn how you can find relief from your back taxes, and what you may qualify to save, click here.
Substitute for Return
The IRS will file a tax return for you if you fail to file them yourselves. This is called a substitute for return. The IRS will file them without any deductions, expenses, and other money saving items. To learn more about substitute for return’s and how you can amend them, click here.
Payroll Tax Issues (941)
Your business is required to file and pay quarterly taxes. IF you fail to dos so the IRS can seize your assets, bank accounts, receivables, and even shut down your business. To learn more about payroll and business tax issues, and what you can do to protect yourself, click here.
Penalties & Interest
Every day that you do not pay your taxes, the IRS assess penalties and interest on top of what you owe. The IRS and state will continue to add these at a high rate until you deal with them. To take action and learn more how you can protect yourself and potentially remove penalties and interest click here.
IRS or State Notice
If you received a notice in the mail from the IRS or state collection agencies, this means they have caught up to you and are trying to collect a debt. Do not ignore them as this can lead to wage garnishments, bank levies, and even seize your property. To learn more about IRS and State notices, and what you can do to protect yourself, click here.
State Tax problems
The IRS is not the only collection department that you have to worry about; most states require you to pay taxes as well. Every state has different laws for paying taxes, but all will take aggressive collection action against you if you do not comply. To learn more about state tax relief and what you may qualify to save, click here.
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