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I don’t earn enough to be taxed.
The IRS has many requirements when it comes to filing taxes. These will vary depending on your age, income, and filing status. Make sure to speak with a tax professional before deciding not to file.
If you apply for an extension you will get audited
This is completely false, and research has shown no correlation between filing for an extension, and getting audited.
You should not file until you can afford to pay your taxes
Not filing your taxes is illegal. If you cannot afford to pay all of your taxes, you can request a payment plan, or you may even qualify for a reduction. The best way to find out is to retain professional tax help. If you would like to speak with one of our tax specialist to find out more, contact us online, or call 888-241-0002.
The more deductions the better
Having accurate deductions can save you money on your tax debts, it is important to have a tax professional prepare your returns. Each year tax laws change, and a tax professional can help save you extra money, as well as protect you from being audited for wrongful deductions. Going out of your way to get deductions such as keeping a high rate mortgage, will often save you a fraction of what thrifty spending will.
Money you inherit is taxable for you
Money that is inherited is taxed to the deceased estate, and they pay for it. It is considered a gift to you, and you are not responsible for paying taxes on it.
All taxes you pay are tax deductible
Some taxes are such as property taxes, and some are not such as gas tax. The best way to find out what you can and can’t write off is to have a tax professional look at your expenses. If you wish to speak with a tax professional about your deductions, contact us online, or call 888-241-0002.
Students are exempt from paying taxes
Students are not exempt from paying taxes, they may qualify for additional state and federal tax breaks, but they still have to file.
I am married so I have to file jointly
Although you are married, you may choose to file as married but separate.
My refund check is in the mail
If you did not file taxes, or still owe back taxes, you may not be receiving a refund check at all. On the other hand your check may be delayed or sent to the wrong address, make sure to follow up with your state and the IRS to ensure you receive your proper refund.
If you transfer ownership, the assets will be protected from the IRS
The IRS is very keen on getting their money, and if they feel that you transferred assets to avoid seizure, or paying your tax debt, they can follow the paper trail and levy not only the transferred assets, but other assets of the friend, family member or person who you transferred it to.
If you file for bankruptcy the IRS can’t collect from you
Bankruptcy is almost never the correct answer for a tax debt. Bankruptcy will only temporarily protect you, and still leaves you vulnerable to having your assets liquidated and sold to satisfy your debt for some chapters. Filing for bankruptcy will not remove your tax lien, extends the statute of limitations on your debt, and all interest and penalties continue to accrue while you are in bankruptcy. Imagine coming out of a chapter 13 after 5 years, and the IRS comes to collect your back taxes, plus all penalties and interest that has accrued.
Tax works with tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, former IRS agents, and tax relief specialists who can assist you with your back taxes. Having a professional on your side to help navigate your tax liability, will save you time, money, and headache. To talk with a tax specialist and see what IRS relief programs you may qualify for; contact us online, or call 888-241-0002, and find out what you may be able to save.
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